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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  April 25, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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good sunday folks. i'm craig melvin, we start tonight with some breaking weather news. a tornado warning has been issued for some of you. let's get straight to chuck bell in the storm center. what's the latest? >> all right, thanks, craig. a severe thunderstorm watch for everybody, including the washington area. that goes until 11:00. that's the watch area. there is also an active tornado warning now until 6:15 tonight. a tornado warning now, southern washington county, maryland. western fredrick county, maryland. northern jefferson county in west virginia, and southern berkley county in west virginia. take you to the live radar here,
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show you where we're talking about on the storms. notice in the upper right-hand corner of your screen here we're zooming in to the panhandle of west virginia. this is the cell that we're watching very, very carefully right in here. right here just up to the north sides of charles town, west virginia, when i put this little circle on here where you can see the red touching the green, that's where red winds are going towards and away touching one another. as a result this is the area right in here, just to the north of charles town, west virginia, where there is a potential radar-indicated tornado on the ground at this point in time. this storm is traveling to the northeast at 40 miles per hour. so i'll put a storm track on it for you here so you can sort of see the towns that are in the line of fire, as you were. as we go up to the northeast, at about 40 miles per hour, we're going to be able to see that this storm is headed up into washington county, southern washington county, and also into western fredrick county in maryland. shepherdstown, west virginia, estimated time of arrival 6:14. sharpsburg, maryland, 6:20.
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burkettsville, maryland 6:27. boonsboro, maryland, 6:30 and middletown, maryland, also about 6:35 this evening. and again, as we put this into motion here for you, you'll be able to see this is the cell just here to the north of charles town, you get a sense of the movement of this storm here. headed in to far southern parts of washington county. the tornado safety rules are to go to the lowest level interior room of your home. stay away from doors and windows. do not stay in a mobile home. if you live in a mobile home up here in west virginia, southern washington county, your best bet is to get out of that mobile home and get into a low-lying area away from there and stay in a safe place for at least the next 15 to 30 minutes as this storm is racing 06 to the northeast at about 40 miles per hour. there you can see the live picture here. storm just off to the northwest of downtown charles town, west virginia. i'll zoom in just a little bit closer here so you can get a better sense where where we're talking about here.
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just up to the west of bolivar near bardane. just up to the south of johnstown in west virginia, just to the west of browns corner. this is all headed up here in this direction. up towards southern washington county in the state of maryland. so we'll keep you posted on this. but for now, that's the tornado warning. southern washington, western fredrick, those are in maryland, northern jefferson and southern berkley in west virginia. the warning goes until 6:15. everyone else remains under a severe thunderstorm watch. that goes until 11:00. more details as they become available. craig, back in to you. >> all right, we'll come back to you in a few minutes. thanks, chuck. it has been almost a month now since the mass shooting in southeast that left four teenagers dead. as the community continues healing, police continue searching for another suspect. a d.c. councilman says this tragedy highlights a long-standing problem in the district. darcy spencer is live in northwest tonight with the latest on this. darcy? >> reporter: hi, craig.
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councilman jim graham says that the juvenile justice system is broken and tonight he's proposing changes to fix it. >> and so all of this is really leading to us having more violence, more youthful violence, and a lot of waisted lives. >> reporter: d.c. councilman jim graham says the quadruple murder on south capital street last month has highlighted long-standing problems with the juvenile justice system in the district, handled by the department of youth rehabilitation services or dyrs. >> before someone is committed to dyrs and new beginnings, we're told that typically that on three prior occasions at least on average, they have been before a judge. >> reporter: initially, police have accused a 14-year-old boy of being the getaway driver in the shooting. but late last week, those charges were dropped. graham points out the youth had absconded from a facility under the auspices of the dyrs and he had a record of offenses
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starting when he was 9 years old. >> there was no sense of consequence waiting for them. you know. so why not commit a crime? why not carry a weapon? >> reporter: in an opinion piece in "the washington post," graham says he introduced legislation last week that would set up a commission to make recommendations on how to make it easier to share information between police, courts, and juvenile and social services. >> we need to come up with actual proposals, you know, to make the whole system more track there. or keep these kids in detention until they're 21. >> reporter: graham also says serious substance abuse treatment is needed for juvenile offenders, as well. reporting live from northwest, darcy spencer, news 4. >> all right, darcy, thank you. police leave a person of interest in the murder of a college student from virginia may be in the d.c. area. that shooting happened last weekend at an all-campus party near texas southern university in houston. police say they are looking for keerry mccollum.
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investigators say mccollum was at that party and they want to talk to him. he's from this area, as well, and police believe he is still probably around. 18-year-old joshua mcmackle died in that shooting. so far no one has been charged with the murder. a local memorial service was held today to honor the life and works of the late civil rights activist dr. dorothy height. dozens gathered to pay respect at the union kimball baptist church today. organizers say dr. height's commitment to public service will continue to inspire younger generations. dorothy height died tuesday at the age of 98. a public funeral will be held this thursday at the national cathedral. still ahead on this broadcast tonight, it could have been far, far worse. how a driver walked away from that accident, unscathed. we'll take you there. plus the push to protect all the tweeters, status updaters and social networks. and thousands hit the national mall to rally for climate change today. lindsay, what you got in sports?
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>> coming up in sports, capital spencer eric bell anger explains yl why he pulled out his own tooth. and jason campbell looks back on his career in washington. and the nationals try to hang on against the dodgers. news 4 at 6:00 continues. for a price that starts low
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities if you facebook, tweet or use one of the other townless social networking sites, new york senator charles schumer wants to make them all more private. schumer wrote to the federal
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trade commission today asking that guidelines be established to limit how someone's personal information can be shared with other companies. his letter comes after a report that facebook plans to start sharing profile information with "the new york times." espn, as well as several other music and travel sites. >> keep in mind, the default is that you share your data, your information is already out there before you can even get a chance to say no. >> facebook says their highest priority is to, quote, keep and build the trust of their users. facebook also says they will have new tools in place to help users protect their information. folks, we want to go ahead and bring you up to speed with the latest on those tornado warnings we told you about a few moments ago. >> all right, thanks, craig. still a doppler radar indicated tornado. no one has called in and said that they've seen it. nonetheless, doppler radar indicating that there's a very strong possibility of a thunderstorm producing a tornado up into the panhandle of west virginia, getting ready to move into southern washington county, maryland, and eventually western fredrick county, maryland. take a look at live radar here.
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i'll show you what we're talking about. there's the storm, just off to the north of charles town. last estimate was about six miles to the north of charles town. the storm is moving off to the east at about 30 miles per hour. so if you live in shepherds town, molar cross records, bakerton, antietam, sharpsburg or brownsville, be on the lookout, this storm is moving in your direction. here's the latest storm track. bolivar about 6:27. harper's ferry 6:28. rosemont, 6:42. this is a storm we're going to have to keep a very careful eye on here over the next little bit. put it into motion, you're going to get a general sense of the movement on this storm to the east now at about 30 miles per hour. so, again, southern washington county here. just to the south of sharpsburg. you folks in burkettsville, over towards cowell and western fredrick county, be on the lookout. also you folks in jefferson county, west virginia, under the most immediate threat at this point in time. just up here to the north of charles town, west virginia. i'll zoom in just a little bit closer so you can get a better
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sense of where the current storm is. take the radar off of it for you here. just to the south of shepherds town, over here also moving toward dargen. be on the lookout, you folks, go to the lowest level, interior section, stay away from doors and windows, and abandon mobile homes if you live in that immediate area. a mobile home is not where you want to ride out this kind of thunderstorm. another update in just a couple more minutes. craig? >> we're going to come back to you in a few moments.
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to mississippi now, where many are stunned and grieving from yesterday's deadly tornadoes. ten people were killed, dozens more were injured. emergency crews are combing through the rubble now to make sure they have found everyone. now that community in mississippi begins the overwhelming task of cleaning up what the tornadoes have left behind. jay gray now with that story from mississippi. >> reporter: it is the day after in yazoo city. >> that wind was just so furious. i mean, we've got double -- we have double windows on and it broke every one of them. just came through there, and just demolished the front of our house. >> reporter: the damage stretches for miles across at least 16 counties. and evidence of the intensity of the tornado is everywhere. the winds so strong, trees were snapped in half, and their bark stripped away. others literally pulled from the earth. electric lines were tossed to the ground and left in a tangled mess. cars and trucks tattered and
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rolled on their sides. most all of this community is now broken and battered. >> it's sa mazing how something really terrible how something like this brings out the best in people. >> reporter: chain saws echo as crews clean and cut away what they can. front leaders finish the demolition job started by the storm. and families search for any signs of how things were before the tornado. their homes and lives now reduced to the few things they can pull from the rubble. >> not much. very little. >> reporter: the violent winds pushed a giant oak tree on thin through richard bennett's home. >> so used to, you know, coming home to this house every day for so many years, and so many memories growing up here. and you know, now even just looking at the inside of the house the way it is, it's, you know, it's hard to picture the way it used to be. >> reporter: but then not much of anything seems the same.
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along the wide and deadly path left behind by the storm. it is sure to be a long and very difficult recovery process, especially in the hardest-hit areas like this one where crews now say it could be more than a full month before basic services like water and electricity can be restored. in yazoo city, missy, jay gray, news moor. >> want to get to chuck bell now. the same system from mississippi is bringing that swath of potentially severe storms we're looking at right now. >> the very latest, we're still watching for a tornado warning now into washington county, maryland. the last warning expired officially at 6:15. but this storm has al indications that they're going to have to continue to reissue these tornado warnings over the next little bit. so far they've now dropped it down to a severe thunderstorm warning. but nonetheless, we will take you live in to the panhandle of west virginia, southern washington county in maryland. this is where the most important part of this storm is right now. just up to the northeast of
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charles town in west virginia, getting ready to move into far southern parts of washington county in maryland. i'll zoom in on the most dangerous part of this storm here. just to the south of shepherds town, west virginia, up towards bakerton. also once you get right over the potomac river here into potomac vistas in far southern washington county. also pleasantville, southern most washington county. this whole area under here is under the bull's-eye right now. even if this storm is not producing a tornado, it is still capable of producing 60 to 70-mile-per-hour straightline winds. so southern washington county and eventually this is going to be moving into the burkittsville area, as well. and far western part of fredrick county. i'll go ahead and put a storm track on it for you. show you the estimated time of arrival. the storm is going eastbound at a little more than 30 miles per hour. harper's ferry 6:23, brunswick, 6:35. burkittsville now 6:35. middletown, 6:47 if it holds together that long. in and around fredrick,
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maryland, 6:50 to 6:55 if this storm holds track over the next little while here. so i'll put it into motion and you can get a sense here of the motion of this storm, moving off to the east now. again, the most dangerous part is just now moving into far southern washington county, and the far northern parts of jefferson county in west virginia. so, again, your tornado safety rules here, lowest level interior room. stay away from doors and windows. the hall closet for a low-level bathroom is a very good place to ride one of these kind of storms out. also, you need to know that you do not want to be in a mobile home. if you live in a mobile home up in that part of the world it is best to get outside and seek shelter in a low-lying area away from the mobile home because mobile homes have a tendency to flip over in high winds. tornado or not this is a very dangerous storm. the rest of the washington area remains under a severe thunderstorm watch. that goes until 11:00. but you can see here on radar, this little cluster here now moving into northern maryland and out of the panhandle of west virginia. that's really about the only game in town at this point. but the atmosphere around
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washington remains very, very unstable, indeed. no doubt you went outside today you noticed that we changed air masses completely from yesterday. temperatures are now in the mid 70s around town. but up where the rain is coming down, fredrick, maryland, only 55. martinsburg, only 54 degrees. here's a look at the big view here. notice that bowling ball of spin now moving into western parts of indiana. that is the main area of low pressure which is generated almost 100 reports of tornadoes over the last 72 hours. that area of low pressure is eventually going to be crossing just up to the north of the washington area. during the course of the day tomorrow. this is our future cast model at 8:00 tomorrow night, the center of that storm going basically right along the mason dixon line. so as a result we will have a chance for more showers and potential for thunderstorms tomorrow, as well. but the atmosphere won't be quite as charged up tomorrow as it is today. so, thunderstorms tomorrow are less likely to be severe, compared to the ones that we're dealing with today. quick check of the seven-day
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forecast here. 70s again tomorrow with thunderstorms around. 30% chance of showers on tuesday with a high of 65. and drier weather returns on wednesday with a high near 67. thursday, mostly sunny with a high near 70 degrees. and as we head into next weekend, much quieter weather, indeed, is coming back our way. so that is definitely welcome news. again, we'll go back on to live radar here. just to keep you completely updated. southern washington county, you now have a severe thunderstorm warning, southern washington county. let me get the actual timing on that for you. severe thunderstorm warning now. that goes until 7:00. 7:00 southern and central washington county maryland. southern fredrick county, maryland. far northern parts of loudoun county in northern virginia, you folks towards lubbocksville, be on the lookout. probably going to get gusty wind and a couple of quick hits of rain. north central loudoun county, virginia, under the warning until 7:00.
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eastern jefferson county west virginia and central berkley county, west virginia. that is all until 7:00. the entire area remains under the watch until 11:00 p.m. this evening. but this is really the only game in town at this point in time. and this is a very severe thunderstorm now, just to the south of sharpsburg, maryland. it is going to be traveling just off to your south and eventually coming up into portions of western fredrick county. burkittsville toward ballanger creek. over towards cross hollow, countryside west, all those are in western and southern parts of fredrick county, maryland. be on the lookout. that storm is coming your way. it dops have a severe history in addition to the high wind threat. you could get some small hail. very frequent lightning, and some blinding rains. so the best thing to do is stay put, and stay inside, southern washington county, south of hagerstown, and also fredrick county, maryland, that storm is coming in your direction. it could be in downtown fredrick here within the next 20 to 25 minutes.
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we'll keep you up-to-date as needed. for now, craig, back to you. >> thanks, chuck. a quick
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that's looking good. >> they are. good guy out at the ball park. the nationals can meet for their road trip in chicago feeling pretty fine about themselves. with today's win over the dodgers the nats clinched their first winning home stand since last august.
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scott olsen struck out eight batters. the nationals hold off the dodgers 1-0. it was screech's fifth birthday today. all of the mascot buddies out there at the park to celebrate. bottom of the first, two on for adam dunn. he fires it to first. he's out. it's important because it drives home a run, morgan coming in to score. it's 1-0 nats. that's all they needed because scott olsen he was on it here in the fourth, he gets garret anderson to check his swing. olsen went seven innings, gave up no runs, struck out eight. top of the ninth, matt capps on to close it out, former nat, ronnie belliard lifts it in to right but check out justin maxwell, the maryland native, the nice diving catch. it's so pretty i've got to show you again. look at that. just like he practices over and over. the nationals hang on to win it 1-0. capps earned its league-leading eighth save. the nationals are 10-9. the capitals are on their way to montreal where they will try to end this thing tomorrow night in
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game six, after missing the opportunity to win the series in five games on friday. one of the players is traveling with fewer teeth. enter eric belanger took a hit friday that resulted in the loss of eight teeth. he basically had a root canal between periods and returned to play. i'm going to show you how it happened. but this is graphic so if you're squeamish look away. eric belanger hit in the mouth by bergeron's stick. he crumbled to the ice. belleanger left the ice. he pulled one of his own teeth out. he said it was loose. he knew he was going to have problems right away. they shaved down the exposed roots between periods and he went back out to play. belanger said today he just wanted to make sure not to lose that tooth. >> i didn't want to lose it, because i knew, like i said, i gave it to the trainer and i knew something to do with it. he's going to put it back on, probably, in a week or so.
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>> eric belanger. that is dedication. >> you ain't kidding. >> if you get that done, come back out to play, and the capitals have an opportunity to win game six in montreal tomorrow night. meanwhile, in nascar today, it was kevin harvick who won the race. we will have complete highlights coming up at 11:00. >> let's bring in chuck bell one more time. what's the latest on the 1e6 ear weather? >> still severe thunderstorm warning. far southern washington county, maryland. also western and central parts of fredrick county, maryland. you're next. storm is moving to the east at 30 miles per hour. winds in excess of 60 miles per hour. small hail and a
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